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 About SeT To KiLL

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PostSubject: About SeT To KiLL   Tue Jul 12, 2011 3:14 am


The Clan SeT To KiLL is a new clan which originally started form World of Warcraft guild
'SeT To KiLL'. Currently this clan is primarily for League of Legends but in the near future we are planning to make different division for various MMORPG games.


About SeT To KiLL Activities:
*. We mostly play for enjoyment and have a goodtime, but this doesn't mean we don't have good players.
*. We are also from different region, but you are required to be able to speak English (I guess, everyone reading this, passed Razz)
*. We have a ventrilo server
*. We have a Clan forum, visit
*. We also have other Events from time to time
*. We will also have special LoL Addons in our Forum (which will make writing tutorials moreeasy)
*. Free Image Host on Forum (so you can share your Screenshots and such easy)
*. We won't eat you if you have questions or suggestions
*. We accept female players as equal.
*. If you want to play other Games with us too, we can set up Servers for most Games.
*. We are open to suggestions.
*. We provide mentors for people who are new to LoL.Mentors are also available for 1v1 matches to show you the ropes or work on improving elements of your game, and may even be willing to queue with you for some Co-Op vs. AI or Normal matches!



1. Maturity age 15+
2. Respectful to Clan members
3. Friend Request Ezhox, AoMeTaL after applying to clan
4. If your looking for a Ranked Team position, you need to be active.
5. These will not be tolerated.
*AFK for good portion of a game, without a reason. (We understand that sometimes it cannot be helped).
*Harrasement and using foul language against clan members.
6. Need to have/download Ventrilo (headset/mic recommended but not required)
7. MUST be at summoner level 15+

Please, you are requested to register with your in-game name to prevent confusion.
Thank You.

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About SeT To KiLL
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